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China Mobile is the world's largest telecom operator. Having a customer base of over 300 million customers, its network routes 700 million text messages every day and handles 250 million calls every hour. A first international step for China Mobile, Zong aims at touching the lives of all Pakistanis!

We serve to inspire and empower the people of Pakistan with innovative technology that keeps pace with today's fast evolving culture. Expanding our wings of coverage to all corners, making no distinctions along the way and most of all, maintaining excellence in connectivity everywhere we go. Affordability & Innovation are what define us, aided with a diverse set of entertaining and informative Value Added Services. With a state of the art system, along with other services Zong allows and enables its users to avail the best possible Mobile Internet bundles that are not offered anywhere else in the country making the experience, truly a unique one!

The basic idea is to allow people to communicate at their free will! Making it a stress free environment where you are not worried about Tariffs, Capacity Issues or Congestion, be it Network Coverage or Quality, it is all sorted!

ZONG is supported by ground breaking communications, trend setting Customer Services and an unmatched Product Offering that has redefined the rules of the game!

Walking hand in hand with our nation, we make a happier Pakistan! A thriving ground with success on every step, with a smile on everyone's face be it rain or shine, with hopes higher than sky and the will… to 'Say it All!'

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 Web to SMS Zong Pakistan, Now you can send free sms to ufone via Internet, It only requires that the person to whom you are sending sms must reply to this chat. It is only for security purpose so nobody can annoy others using internet chat. Ufone's Internet Chat helps you to chat with your friends and family via SMS. If you are offline, just ask your friends to use Internet chat to get in touch with you. This service allows you to reply to the message by using your cell phone. Zong's Web to Internet Chat helps you chat with your friends and family via SMS. With Web to SMS you can now chat around the world with any Zong subscriber.


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